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Quality SEO vs. Fast Food

Fast Food

Are you tempted?

Fast food gives quick satisfaction: the feeling of a full stomach. At the same time, we all know that eating hamburgers every day causes early death.

Unfortunately, many providers in Singapore offer “fast food SEO”: quick rankings at attractive prices and not Quality SEO. I want to be on page 1, I get on page 1. Instant satisfaction.

But unlike fast food eaters, fast food SEO clients are usually not aware that the techniques these fast-food providers use bring early death to their website.


Google as Retail Space

Google Search Results page

If you own this much virtual storefront, how will it change your business?

Listings on Google result pages are much like retail space on Orchard.

More meters of prime storefront means more traffic to your store (or website) – and more sales.

My service as an SEO consultant consists of securing as much as possible online real estate for you. This is the Google search result page for an important keyword in the language learning industry. I am responsible for the red spots.

The result? (more…)

Is advertising like gambling?

Does your marketing department have the same feel?

Does your marketing department have the same feel?

Advertising is gambling. You bet on a few platforms until your budget is finished.

You hope to leave with more money than you came with.

At least, that’s how many people see it. To me, advertising is science.

We can measure every input and every output.

Input is any kind of advertising. Newspaper, online, TV, you name it.
Output is any kind of result. Purchases. Phone calls. Web forms filled out.

I can track the source of every result. So we know (more…)

On Internet marketing tactics

Horse drawn car When a new technology comes along, in the beginning, people keep viewing it in terms of the old technology.

This photo was taken somewhere between 1900-1918 in Nantucket, USA. Cars were forbidden on the island at the time.

The same is happening to the Internet today. People use marketing tactics that are based on traditional advertising.

Even many agencies refuse to take a more agile approach to marketing. Budgets and planning are still managed as in the days of Mad Men.

While the Internet can achieve so much more, if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone with us. Interested to explore? Get in touch!

Effective SEO: the importance of winning.

You may wonder if I can make your website rank in Google.

Screenshot of #2 result for "Singapore SEO expert". (Click to see a larger image)

Screenshot of #2 result for “Singapore SEO expert”. (Click to see a larger image)

The answer is yes. Given sufficient resources, I haven’t come across a website that is impossible to rank. I promise my customers confidentiality, so I’m not going to share the results I have achieved for them, but consider my own websites:

At the time of writing, my LinkedIn page is #2 for “Singapore SEO Expert“. That did not happen by accident. It took months of work.


Ranking for “language school singapore”. Click to see the full picture.

Some further evidence, from an area I have been active in for a number of years: language learning. My site Yago takes up large parts of the top search engine results.

There’s a screenshot on the right where the site takes up spots 2 and 3 for “language school singapore“. But Yago’s prominence is not just limited to a few queries here and there. Search anything related to learning languages in Signapore and you will find among the most important results.

How will your business be different if your website ranks this high?

For SEO to be effective, it’s important to not just be on the first page (let’s say the top-10), but to be the winner or among the winners. Why? (more…)