Effective SEO: the importance of winning. - SEO Singapore - Salsason Effective SEO: the importance of winning. - SEO Singapore - Salsason

You may wonder if I can make your website rank in Google.

Screenshot of #2 result for "Singapore SEO expert". (Click to see a larger image)

Screenshot of #2 result for “Singapore SEO expert”. (Click to see a larger image)

The answer is yes. Given sufficient resources, I haven’t come across a website that is impossible to rank. I promise my customers confidentiality, so I’m not going to share the results I have achieved for them, but consider my own websites:

At the time of writing, my LinkedIn page is #2 for “Singapore SEO Expert“. That did not happen by accident. It took months of work.


Ranking for “language school singapore”. Click to see the full picture.

Some further evidence, from an area I have been active in for a number of years: language learning. My site Yago takes up large parts of the top search engine results.

There’s a screenshot on the right where the site takes up spots 2 and 3 for “language school singapore“. But Yago’s prominence is not just limited to a few queries here and there. Search anything related to learning languages in Signapore and you will find Yago.sg among the most important results.

How will your business be different if your website ranks this high?

For SEO to be effective, it’s important to not just be on the first page (let’s say the top-10), but to be the winner or among the winners. Why?

Because the winner takes it all.

SERP Click distribution

People are over 16x more likely to click the #1 result than #10. Source: Moz.com

The graph on the left illustrates it well. The exact numbers may vary a bit based on the circumstances, but let’s say you are a web development agency and your site ranks for “web design singapore”, which Google indicates has about 2400 searches per month.

If your listings shows up on:

  • #10, it will bring you 53 visits/month
  • #1, it will bring you 874 visits/month

Do you find this hard to believe? Take note of how you use Google yourself. Which results to you click? If you found a good website at the top, will you still go and check out what’s on the bottom of page 1?

At times, people tell me they have done some SEO before and it hasn’t done their business much good. It’s very likely that they never hit the sweet top-1 or top-3. The objective of many SEO efforts is to reach page 1, while the real results only come from hitting the top-3.

Now, you don’t need to immediately aim to be the top dog for the most important keyword in your industry. You can aim for a smaller query first, and expand from there. I don’t rank yet for “seo singapore” with 1900 queries per month. But I show up at the top for something, which will start to bring business in.

Are you committed to win with SEO?

I do not run a huge agency. I lead every campaign myself, although I rely on a great team who take care of most of the delivery. This means that I have no need for a large stream of clients.

I choose to work with clients who are committed to the web as a serious sales channel. If you are looking at different SEO proposals and wondering how you can do this for as little money as possible, we are probably not the right fit.

Climber at top of mountain looking at sunrise

The world is a beautiful place from the top. But getting there requires doing things many people aren’t willing to do.

Winning requires doing things that others are not willing to do, such as:

  1. Make changes to your website a.k.a. on-page SEO, to make it easier to understand for search engines;
  2. Allocating sufficient budget for the campaign;
  3. Integrate your marketing efforts more than ever before;
  4. Having the patience to let the winning result come together;
  5. Be ready for vastly more business.

Your website is not the only way to promote your business. Perhaps you find advertising in the papers a good way to get new customers. Or you have a store in a highly trafficked location which is running very well.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you will aim to win.

If you’re already successful at online marketing and want to move from the top-10 to the top-3, or you are seriously committed to make the web an important part of your business, I’m here for you.

Want to explore what we will be capable of together? Schedule a free 25-minute online consultation. I will call you and share my screen, so we can look at the possibilities.