6 Questions to get Started With A Digital Agency in Singapore - SEO Singapore - Salsason 6 Questions to get Started With A Digital Agency in Singapore - SEO Singapore - Salsason

Shopping around for a great digital agency in Singapore isn’t easy, but it’s definitely necessary. You can’t settle for the first marketing company you find any more than you would buy the first pair of shoes you see without trying them on. Are you ready to find the agency that offers a perfect fit? I recommend that you start your search by asking yourself three important questions to help you narrow down exactly what it is you’re looking for. Once you know that, I’ve got three more questions for you to ask the agencies you contact.

3 Questions for yourself

Question 1: What is my product’s reach?

Some products naturally fit the world of SEO because they’re the subject of thousands of web searches each month. However, how do you plan to market a product online that isn’t being searched for already? If you’re not sure, a good digital agency will provide you with plenty of ideas.

Question 2: How involved do I want to be?

Agencies vary greatly in how hands on they allow clients to be during the work. Do you want to sign off on every little decision and chance to your website? You can also find agencies that take charge and provide proof in the form of results so you can focus on other parts of your business instead. I recommend figuring out where you stand on this topic early on to avoid personality clashes.

Question 3: What is my budget?

I warn against using price as the only measurement for picking an agency because it’s not a stable indication of the service you’ll get. But you do need to set a hard limit on what you’re willing to spend before shopping around because some agencies just won’t fit into your price range.

3 Questions for prospective agencies

Question 1: Can I realistically turn a profit from this project?

This is a good question to test whether the agency you are speaking to is a “one-trick pony”, or has a much broader view on making you successful on the Internet. It’s relatively simple to improve your rankings, for example, but a more high-end agency should be able to give some kind of projection of the ROI you can expect.

Obviously, you need to be willing to share some information from your own business, such as the price / gross margin on your products to give the agency a fair chance to make an estimation.

Question 2: What kind of milestones can we set to measure success?

Where do you want your product or service to go in the next six months? I think you and your digital agency need to set mutual goals and work together on both ends to reach them. By focusing on goals instead of just blocks of time for your contract, you’ll get more out of it. Do you know which concrete goals mean the most in the fast-paced world of marketing online?

Question 3: When will I start seeing results?

I meet a lot of business owners that think online marketing means overnight success. While this is a little over the top, it’s very important that the agency and the client have a shared set of expectations. Are you working on a tight deadline to get more attention before a specific date? Tell the agency this upfront to find out if they can even work around your schedule.

If you’ve got more questions than answers about picking the best digital agency Singapore has to offer, get in touch with me for help.