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Appearing high on Google and other search engines is usually a great way to get a steady flow of new business. A quick way to improve your rankings is to hire an SEO consultant. Singapore has several such individuals, and they can often help you do better in business. But SEO is not for everyone in every situation.

Who are your customers?
For example, if you mostly sell to older people, it may not be wise to focus a large part of your marketing budget on SEO and forget about more traditional marketing approaches.

What’s your product?
If you try to market an app, it may make more sense to first pay attention to your ranking in the app store. Ranking well on Google/Yahoo/Bing could still help of course, but it isn’t necessarily the marketing activity with the highest pay-off.

What’s the competition like?

Amazon logo

Want to pick a fight with Amazon? I’m game if it’s going to be profitable for you!

If search results for keywords related to your product are filled by the likes of Amazon, Courts and eBay, the investment may not be worth it for you. Especially if you are making a lower profit per sale.

That said, sometimes the so called “big shots” are not paying much attention to what you’re doing and with a clever strategy, we can still carve out a place for you. For example, even if major companies are dominant the global search results, you could still dominate the search results in Singapore on

Given the right resources, I can win pretty much any battle for you as an SEO consultant, but sometimes the end result may not be profitable for you. I care about getting your site to show up high on Google, but I care more about that making money to you. If that’s not going to be the case, I won’t take the assignment.

So in short: search engine optimization is a marketing activity. It usually has an important place in marketing strategy, but sometimes other approaches will be more effective. As an SEO consultant, I care about serving you in a way that makes you most money.

“Which phrases should I show up for?”

What’s the point of ranking for something if no one is searching for it? Google openly and freely provides statistics about what people are searching for. These stats are not perfect, but they are a good way to start. What’s the point of being #1 for a term of zero people actually search for it?

tie search query

It’s great to be number one. But for which term?

But quantity of searches is not everything. I’ve learned that people who search with very specific phrases, are usually much more qualified and ready to buy. For example, compare the phrases:

  • learn korean
  • korean class singapore

“learn korean” could mean anything. The person searching may be looking for some videos or resources for self studying Korean. The searcher may also be looking for e.g. Korean courses in Korea.

How likely is it that your visitor is looking for a product you offer?

How likely is it that your visitor is looking for a product you offer?

If you are a Korean language school in Singapore, you’re much more likely to sign up a student who found you with the phrase “korean class singapore” because on top of an interest in learning Korean, this searcher has specified that he is looking for a class in Singapore.

If 1000 people a month search for “learn korean” and 400 search for “korean class singapore”, I would prioritise the latter.

That’s why every SEO campaign hinges on careful selection of keywords. As a consultant, I will need to learn from you about your business. Together, we will select the top money making phrases for your business.

In short: ranking #1 in Google may not earn you a single dollar if:

  1. No one searches for the keyword phrase you rank for
  2. The keyword phrase is too general

“How can an SEO consultant be accountable?”

I believe that any trusted long-term relationship must have accountability at its foundation. Results of SEO campaigns come in many forms, such as:

  1. Higher ranking of keywords
  2. More traffic to your website
  3. More sales
  4. More profit

A higher ranking is an easy and tangible result, and many SEO companies in Singapore will gladly stop at reporting #1 every month.

Higher rankings lead to more traffic, More traffic leads to more sales, and more sales leads to higher profits. But along the way, there are many obstacles that could obstruct the path from higher rankings to more profits.

A higher ranking may not bring more traffic if the keyword is badly chosen or the listing doesn’t look good.

Screenshot of traffic

This graph looks great. But is traffic translating into $?

More traffic may not bring more sales if your site is confusing, looks ugly,  is too slow or has technical obstacles that prevent visitors from buying from you or contacting you.

More sales may not bring you more profit if my pricing isn’t right, or if the clients who buy from your website are not well informed and come back to you with complaints all the time.

When getting started, we will establish a baseline and a target to work towards for each of these 4 types of results. After that, I will report on rankings and traffic to your site every month, and will want to learn from you how it has affected your business.

We will keep learning from each other until we’ve found the most profitable way forward.

And by the way, I don’t use long-term contracts. It’s my responsibility to prove, month after month, that my work is more than worth your marketing dollars.

So in short, I can be hard to work with at times. To be sure, I will spare no effort to make things as easy as possible for you. But I can’t stop at just showing you a rankings report if I know it’s not what you want for your business. As a business owner, I want you to see results so that we can work together long term. That’s why I’ll need your continuous involvement and support throughout the effort.

Can we work together?

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