Agile Marketing: Singapore needs more of it! - SEO Singapore - Salsason Agile Marketing: Singapore needs more of it! - SEO Singapore - Salsason
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Would your marketing take off if it’s not weighed down with tons of requirements and fixed specifications?

We have moved into the digital age. The time we spend looking at computer and phone screens has exploded while the time we spend on traditional media like magazines, newspapers and TV is dropping steadily.

Yet in most companies, the marketing function isn’t taking full advantage of what can be done using online channels. We have the tools to make marketing much more agile.

Even if you advertise in traditional channels, it has easier to track the ROI of each campaign with tracking phone numbers and landing pages.

Yet most organisations in Singapore are taking advantage of the possibilities. Here are some examples of what Agile Marketing can do:

If you use banner advertising, you have near-instant access to campaign statistics, for example on the click rates of different banner creatives. You should always have 2 creatives competing against each other. Once a clear winner emerges, remove the “loser” and test the winner against a new banner design. If you have a budget for a fixed number of impressions, would you prefer a click-through rate of 0.2% of 0.8%? By constantly putting your creatives and copy to the test, the effectiveness of your campaign can skyrocket. And hardly anyone is doing it in Singapore today.

If you are into event marketing, you can use a tool such as to accept registrations for your events, seminars and workshops. By asking a few targeted questions in the registration form, you will have a good idea of who will be in the room during the event. That means you can tweak your workshop’s content to be much more relevant to the audience. Workshops can be a great way of building business relationships. And they become even more powerful if you’re agile enough to tailor the event to who’s going to be in the room.

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Imagine how much faster improvements will happen if this process is repeated every 4-6 weeks.

Why haven’t we become more agile in our marketing approach?

The old approach is a boxed-in approach. Every function has its tasks and the budget and step-by-step plan. This helps avoid conflicts and lets everyone do their job on their own. It’s comfortable for clients and agencies.

Until… one player in your market shakes things up by forming a true partnership with their marketing agency.

Agile marketing can only be practiced when there is mutual trust between management, marketers and product development. It requires everyone to step out of their comfort zones, and work closely to achieve true excellence.

Would you like to shake up your market with a more agile approach to marketing? In that case, I’d like to get to know you. We may make a good team. You can get in touch with me through the contact page.