What's the Best SEO in Singapore? - Salsason What's the Best SEO in Singapore? - Salsason

I believe I provide the best SEO in Singapore. So do many others, of course :) So the question is: what’s your definition of “best”? Here’s my thinking on the subject.

The best is not cheap

gold bars

Who provides the gold standard in online marketing?

The days where an SEO provider could do some optimizations to the website and then just push a button to get the the site to rank using automated spam are over. Or let me correct that. It can still work. But the website is very likely to be hit with a penalty later, and lose its Google rankings.

Lots of SEO companies are still employing this method. Perhaps they haven’t changed from the days when this used to work. Perhaps they don’t care enough; as long as there are results, they get paid, if the site gets hit, they find another client.

SEO is constantly evolving and so it’s important that your SEO provider spends time learning the latest techniques. These days, SEO providers need to provide more quality and handwork to achieve sustainable rankings for their clients. There is a real cost to deliver these.

I am not afraid to tell this story. I am not afraid to tell potential clients: perhaps this is going to be too expensive for your particular market.

But consider a large agency that was successful in the old world of SEO. Would they really go back to their clients and raise the price on them?

Good SEO consultants care about your profits, not just rankings

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You don’t want just any traffic to your site. You want people who will fill their shopping basket with your products.

“Page 1 in 3 months, guaranteed” and other similar guarantees are common in the SEO business. Guarantees like this sound comforting, but they can betray you as a business owner.

The best SEO consultants in Singapore will wonder:

If my client makes it to page 1, will they actually make any money out of it? ENOUGH money to pay me what it takes, and then some?

There’s all kinds of reasons that could prevent an SEO effort to be profitable, and addressing each of them takes up valuable consultant time. Here are some of the questions that need to be addressed:

  • Are people who search this term likely to become customers of my client?
  • Are enough people searching for it? (a dirty trick is to get you on page 1 for a term no one searches for: easy – no competition)
  • If people land on my client’s website, are they likely to become clients? (there could be issues with the website that stand in the way)

It’s all to common for an SEO provider to deliver on their page-1 guarantee, but leaving the client with nothing to show for it.


Search Engine Optimization as a profession has changed from being fairly routine to become a highly specialized field which requires experience and continued learning.

Providing the best SEO service has become more expensive. Although many average companies in the internet market field have failed to acknowledge this.

For many businesses, it doesn’t make sense to engage an SEO consultant beyond basic website optimizations.

Think it will make sense for you? Contact me and we will explore the opportunity.