Online Marketing Singapore: Add Another Sales Channel! Online Marketing Singapore: Add Another Sales Channel!

Are you worried about spending your hard-earned money on business expenses that do little to help your bottom line? It’s something that concerns every business owner, especially when it comes to marketing efforts. As a business owner myself, I know how easy it is to throw away thousands of dollars on campaigns and advertisements with no tangible returns–in fact, it’s part of the reason I learned SEO. However, the sales world in Singapore is rapidly changing. Even if you’ve got an established customer base and plenty of real world presence, can you afford to wait to expand to the Internet any longer?

The Changing Face of Retail

For years, I’ve heard business owners swear customers would never shop online for everyday products like groceries and fridges. The success of websites like online grocery store Redmart and Courts’ e-commerce appliance store proves that nearly anything can be sold over the Internet, and it’s definitely persuaded me to believe in the power of the web. I know from personal experience that it takes awhile to establish a healthy online presence through online marketing in Singapore. How does your product fit into the mix? Are you missing out on a growing market that’s only online?

Catching Customers On The Go

Other types of marketing aim to reach the consumer while they are at home. Why not reach out to shoppers while they are still on the MRT, tapping on their smart phone or tablet? Getting your latest coupon deal or advertisement in front of someone heading home from work or school is a fast way to change their route to include your business. Once the customer gets home to relax, are they going to head back out into the fray just to swing by your nearest location? How are you reaching out to grab them when they’re the most motivated to make a purchase?

Making Your Move

You don’t need to become a fully online business to benefit from marketing on the Internet. I’ve helped quite a few companies that only wanted to advertise online instead of creating a full e-commerce platform. But what about the benefits of selling products online to boost your sales numbers without the high costs associated with retail? Do you know the tricks of the trade for getting seen in the search engines? With about 75% of Singapore’s population using the Internet on a regular basis, are you willing to gamble with those kinds of numbers?

Are you ready to find out how online marketing fits into your game plan? If you are, get in touch with me today to learn about your options.