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If you just landed on this page, you’re probably considering to engage an SEO consultant. And wondering what should be the right price to pay. The good news is that many SEO firms in Singapore offer their services in the form of packages. Take for example this provider, which outlines everything in a neat table.

Pay us $500 / month, and we will do XYZ for you.

Packages make sense in setting up a transparent contract between customer and provider. Both parties know what is going to be provided. And transparency is hard to come by in the SEO world. You already know that SEO can benefit you. You want to be sure you get to pay a fair price. Packages are reassuring. You know you will pay the same price as everyone else.

But there is one important downside to standard pricing. It’s all about cost and not at all about results. If the SEO Singapore price was your only concern, you probably wouldn’t be looking into doing SEO in the first place.

Same effort ≠ Same results

Whatever your site or business is about, SEO is always about getting more attention from real people.

Whatever your site or business is about, SEO is always about getting more attention from real people.

By fixing a price for a number of tasks, SEO package pricing completely leaves results out of the equation. When making a website prominent in the search engines, the same effort can bring very different results, depending on:

  1. How much SEO your competitors are doing
  2. Where you are now
  3. The type of product you are selling

And besides that, you will have your own specific budget constraints, ambitions and priorities. Given a limited budget, showing up for one product may be more important than showing up for another.

It’s more profitable to hit it big for one keyword than to move from page 10 to page 2 for 5 keywords. It’s sometimes said that if you want to hide a secret, the best place to do so is on page 2 in Google. Hardly anyone every looks there.

The danger of cheap

There are recurring SEO packages in the market in Singapore starting at about S$ 200 / month. And these used to work quite well a few years ago. That is, before Google started to actively seek out and penalize some of the cookie-cutter tactics they use. You may end up paying for an agency to run your website into the ground.

If you’re building a hotel, would you skimp on a proper foundation? It could work out for a number of years, and give you earlier profitability. But with a shaky foundation, the building could collapse, destroying everything you have built in the years before.

Likewise, doing SEO properly takes the time of qualified experts who need to continuously upgrade their knowledge and practices. It incorporates technical, creative and marketing skill that needs to be tailored to the specific client. People who possess this skill set are rare, and command a premium rate, no matter where they are located. So low rates are a red flag.

Not the cheapest, but the best value

My goal is to achieve ROI for you asap, within your current budget constraints. With a lean setup and no account managers, I can give you solid results on a reasonable budget. My fees start at S$ 800 / month.

To achieve success for you, I need to know more about your current situation, your long term goals and your initial budget. I understand that in business, budgets are basically unlimited as long as there is a good ROI.

That’s why I’ll speak to any potential client before I take them on. (You can book an appointment with me here). If I don’t think there’s much opportunity for SEO for your business, I will also let you know.

Before I quote you, I will do background research to outlining the opportunities, likely results and timeline that can be realistically attained.

I don’t believe in committing customers to a 6-month contract; it is my job to give you a realistic proposal and deliver on it on time. That’s how I ensure transparency without packages.

If all else fails…

It’s understandable that you may not have the budget to hire someone like me at this moment. In that case, I would rather recommend you to do SEO optimization activities yourself. You could start by doing the free website audit on this site.